Solaris x86 utilities, multimedia and games

Pre-compiled, CDE integrated freeware utilities, multimedia applications and X11 games for Solaris Intel Platform Edition in pkgadd format.

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What's New

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An icon in the left column indicates that the package is CDE integrated - i.e., it includes icons, actions, datatypes, Application Manager entries, etc.

Useful utilities, tools and libraries
CDEHome PageDescriptionVersionDownload
gFTP Graphical FTP client. Requires GTK. Screenshot. 2.0.13 Sol8 (547KB)
GTK-Gnutella Gnutella clone. Requires GTK. Screenshot. 0.91.1 Sol8 (414KB)
MgDiff Motif based file compare utility; slightly modified for better integration with CDE (Source code, 77KB). Screenshot. 1.0 Sol8 (34KB)
NEdit Powerful Motif based text editor; slightly modified for better integration with CDE (Source code, 811KB). Screenshot. 5.2 Sol8 (461KB)
  Notif2 A CDE/Motif 2 look theme for GTK+. To use without GNOME, copy /opt/sfw/share/themes/Notif2/gtk/gtkrc to ~/.gtkrc. 1.0 Sol8 (17KB)

Multimedia programs and libraries
CDEHome PageDescriptionVersionDownload
  NPFlash GPL'ed Flash plug-in for Netscape 4. Compiled without audio support. Installs to /usr/local/lib/netscape/plugins, to be automatically picked up by any Netscape installation. 0.4.10 Sol7/8 (116KB)
SAC Sound/Audio Control, a small program to control the Solaris audio device. Opens about 100 times faster than 'sdtaudiocontrol', and looks better too. Package also includes the "testaudio" program. Source code, 14KB. Screenshot. 1.0 Sol8 (17KB)
  SDL Simple DirectMedia Layer, a library for fast graphics and audio access. Includes SDL_image 1.2.2, SDL_mixer 1.2.3, SDL_net 1.2.4, and SMPEG 0.4.4. See the note below about MIDI. 1.2.4 Sol8 (680KB)
XAnim Animation/video/audio player. Supports AVI, QT, FLI, FLC, IFF ANIM, GIF, and more. 2.80.1 Sol8 (503KB)
Xine/Sinek Media player, includes more than 30 plugins. Requires GTK. To use Video for Windows codecs, download them from e.g. the MPlayer site and install in e.g. /usr/lib/win32. 0.9.9/0.4 Sol8 (1080KB)
XMMS The X Multimedia System ("Winamp for UNIX"). Includes OSS, Solaris and EsounD output plugins, and MIDI and MPEG input plugins. Requires GTK. MPEG plugin requires the SDL package. See the note below about MIDI. Screenshot. 1.2.7 Sol8 (736KB)
XV The classic Unix image viewer, with 14 patches applied. Supports GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, XBM, XPM, XWD, etc (Source code and additional documentation, 1940KB). 3.10a+ Sol8 (366KB)

CDEHome PageDescriptionVersionDownload
Kobo Deluxe SDL version of the classic space shooter XKobo. Screenshot. 0.3 Sol8 (364KB)
LBreakout2 Breakout clone. Requires SDL 1.2. 2.2.2 Sol8 (1114KB)
LPairs Memory game. Requires SDL 1.2. 1.0 Sol8 (372KB)
LTris Tetris clone for one or two players. Requires SDL 1.2. 1.0.1 Sol8 (504KB)
PrBoom The classic 3D game. Requires a DOOM IWAD file such as the DOOM 1 shareware IWAD (1.69MB, install in /opt/sfw/games/doom). Requires SDL 1.2. 2.2.2 Sol8 (446KB)
XBill Save the computers from the evil Bill; slightly modified and beautified from the original version (Source code, 78KB). Screenshot. 2.0 Sol8 (47KB)
XGalaga Space shoot-em-up. Screenshot. 2.0 Sol8 (183KB)
XPat2 16 different solitaire card games (Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, Canfield, etc) in one program. Screenshot. 1.07 Sol8 (286KB)
XYahtzee Motif version of the classic dice game. Screenshot. 1.01 Sol8 (25KB)


From the shell

  % gunzip file.pkg.gz
  % su
  # pkgadd -d file.pkg
  # dtappintegrate -s /opt/sfw
  # ^D
  % dtaction ReloadApps

If you want to use XMMS, XAnim and/or Xine to play media files from the File Manager, you will have to remove the useless Java Media Player that has grabbed the file associations for a bunch of file types. Either uninstall the whole thing:

  # pkgrm SUNWjmfp
or just get rid of the file where the actions are defined:
  # cd /usr/dt/appconfig/types/C
  # mv sdtjmplay.dt sdtjmplay.dt.not

If you have any problems installing or using the packages, please check the Frequently Asked Questions page.


Most of the packages support Sun audio as well as OSS directly. This includes XMMS and all SDL based programs. Others, such as XAnim, use the Sun audio emulation under OSS.

Many packages require some of the library packages from the Solaris Software Companion CD, such as libaudiofile, libesd, libjpeg, libpng and libtiff.

In order for MIDI to work with XMMS and SDL, you will need to install a set of patches (instruments, samples) in /opt/sfw/lib/timidity. A complete set of GUS patches can be found at the SDL Web site.

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